Fairchild Channel F


Download Bowling ROM for Fairchild Channel. The Bowling game can be played on Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux using Fairchild Channel F emulator.

Bowling for Fairchild Channel F
ROM Information
Name: Bowling
Size 0 MB
Console Get Fairchild Channel
Category Fairchild Channel F

Bowling is a fun game that can be enjoyed by all. It is a great way to get out and socialize with friends, and it is also a great way to exercise. Bowling can be a lot of fun, and it is a great way to spend a rainy day.

Bowling for Fairchild Channel F

Bowling for Fairchild Channel F

In the bowling game, the player controls a character who must bowl a series of balls down a lane in order to score points. The player can use either the left or right arrow keys to move the character around the lane, and the up and down arrow keys to control the power of the ball. The player can also use the space bar to throw the ball. If the player successfully bowls all of the balls down the lane, they will earn points and move on to the next level..