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Pokemon – Version Emeraude

Download Pokemon – Version Emeraude ROM for Gameboy Advance. The Pokemon – Version Emeraude game can be played on Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux using GBA emulator.

Pokemon - Version Emeraude for GBA
ROM Information
Name: Pokemon – Version Emeraude
Size 6.99 MB
Console Get Gameboy Advance
Category GBA

Pokemon – Version Emeraude is a new game for the GBA that is based on the popular Pokemon series. The game follows the story of a young girl who is trying to save the world from an evil force. The game features a variety of different Pokemon characters that the player can battle against. The game also features a variety of different environments that the player can explore.

Pokemon – Version Emeraude for GBA

Pokemon - Version Emeraude for GBA

In the world of Pokemon, there are many different kinds of creatures that live in different places. One day, a young girl named Emeraude found a strange creature in a forest. She named it Pikachu, and the two of them became friends. One day, Emeraude went to a nearby lake to take a swim. While she was swimming, she saw a group of Gyarados swimming around. She was excited to see them, and she swam over to get a closer look. Suddenly, a Gyarados attacked Pikachu! Emeraude was scared, but she knew she had to help her friend. She called out to Pikachu, and the two of them fought the Gyarados together. After a long battle, they finally defeated it. Emeraude was so proud of herself. She knew she could always count on Pikachu to help her when she needed it. She was also excited to explore the world more and find more Pokémon to befriend..