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Pokemon – Edicion Azul

Download Pokemon – Edicion Azul ROM for Gameboy. The Pokemon – Edicion Azul game can be played on Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux using Gameboy emulator.

Pokemon - Edicion Azul for Gameboy
ROM Information
Name: Pokemon – Edicion Azul
Size 0.38 MB
Console Get Gameboy
Category Gameboy

Pokemon – Edicion Azul is a game for the Gameboy. The player controls a Pokemon trainer as they explore the world, battle other trainers, and collect items to help them on their quest.

Pokemon – Edicion Azul for Gameboy

Pokemon - Edicion Azul for Gameboy

The game begins with the player’s character, a young boy or girl, waking up in a hospital bed. They are informed by the doctor that they have been in a car accident and have lost their memory. The player is then introduced to their Pokemon partner, a Pikachu who has been with them throughout their entire life. Pikachu helps the player to recover their memories and they are able to leave the hospital. The player then sets out on a journey to find out what happened to them before the accident. They are joined by their Pokemon partner throughout their journey and they are able to battle against other trainers in order to progress. The player eventually discovers that they are the son or daughter of a famous Pokemon Trainer and they are able to use their Pokemon to help them defeat the evil Team Rocket. The game concludes with the player defeating the final boss and returning home..