Flight Simulator

Download Flight Simulator ROM for MSX. The Flight Simulator game can be played on Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux using MSX emulator.

Flight Simulator for MSX
ROM Information
Name: Flight Simulator
Size 0.05 MB
Console Get MSX
Category MSX

Flight Simulator is a computer game for the MSX, released in 1984 by Atari. It was the first game in the Flight Simulator series. The player controls a plane and must fly it through a variety of landscapes.

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Flight Simulator for MSX

Flight Simulator for MSX

The story of Flight Simulator is about a young man named John who is a pilot for a major airline. One day, John is called into work and is told that one of their planes has crashed and that all the passengers have died. John is devastated by the news and decides to fly to the crash site to see for himself. When he arrives, he finds that the plane has been destroyed and all the passengers are dead. John is heartbroken by the loss of all the people on the plane, but he is determined to learn from the tragedy and become a better pilot..