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Pokemon – Edicion Negra

Download Pokemon – Edicion Negra ROM for Nintendo DS. The Pokemon – Edicion Negra game can be played on Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux using NDS emulator.

Pokemon - Edicion Negra for Nintendo DS
ROM Information
Name: Pokemon – Edicion Negra
Size 57.5M
Console Get Nintendo DS
Category NDS

Pokemon – Edicion Negra is a new game for the Nintendo DS that was released in 2009. The game is based on the popular Pokemon series of video games. The game follows the adventures of a young boy named Ash as he travels around the world to capture and train different types of Pokemon. The game features a new story line that is separate from the other games in the series. The game also features new graphics and a new battle system that is more realistic than previous versions of the game.

Pokemon – Edicion Negra for NDS

The Edicion Negra game story takes place in the Johto region. After defeating the Elite Four and becoming the new Pokémon League Champion, you set out to explore the region and capture new Pokémon. Along the way, you’ll face off against tough opponents and make powerful allies. You’ll also have to deal with the dark forces that are threatening the region. Can you save Johto from destruction?.