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Pokemon – White Version

Download Pokemon – White Version ROM for Nintendo DS. The Pokemon – White Version game can be played on Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux using NDS emulator.

Pokemon - White Version for Nintendo DS
ROM Information
Name: Pokemon – White Version
Size 57.4M
Console Get Nintendo DS
Category NDS

Pokemon White Version is an adventure game for the Nintendo DS. It is the first game in the Pokemon series to be released on a handheld console. The player character, a young boy or girl, starts out in the small town of Viridian City, where they must explore the local area and meet other people in order to progress the game. They can then travel to other towns and cities, and battle against other trainers in order to capture and train Pokemon. The game features a new battle system that allows the player to use different attacks and moves depending on the Pokemon they are fighting.

Pokemon – White Version for NDS

Pokemon - White Version for Nintendo DS

The game begins with the player character, a young boy or girl, waking up in a hospital. They soon learn that they have been injured in a Pokemon battle and have been transported to the hospital by a friend. After recovering from their injuries, the player character sets out on a journey to become a Pokemon Master. Along the way, they will encounter other young people who are also trying to become Pokemon Masters. The player character will have to battle their way through various towns and cities, and collect items to help them in their quest. They will also have to battle against other trainers in order to become the best in the world. The player character will eventually face the Elite Four, who are the best trainers in the world. After defeating them, the player character will be able to become the new Pokemon Master..