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Disney-Pixar WALL-E

Download Disney-Pixar WALL-E ROM for Playstation 2. The Disney-Pixar WALL-E game can be played on Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux using PS2 emulator.

Disney-Pixar WALL-E for Playstation 2
ROM Information
Name: Disney-Pixar WALL-E
Size 1.1G
Console Get Playstation 2
Category PS2

Disney-Pixar’s WALL-E game for the Playstation 2 is a fun and exciting game. The player controls WALL-E as he collects garbage and recycles it into new products. The game is full of humor and the player must use WALL-E’s special abilities to navigate through the garbage and reach the recycling center. The game is challenging but fun, and it is a great way to spend a rainy day.

Table of Contents

Disney-Pixar WALL-E for PS2

WALL-E is a lonely robot who was abandoned on a deserted planet. He is the last of his kind and is determined to find a way off the planet. One day, he finds a small spaceship and enters it. He is startled to find that the ship is full of living creatures, including a human. The human tells WALL-E that he is the captain of the ship and that they are on their way to a new planet to start over. WALL-E is excited to find a new home and sets off to find the new planet. Along the way, he helps the human crew members and learns about life on a new planet. When they reach their new home, WALL-E is overjoyed to find that it is just like his old home on the planet he was abandoned on. He is happy to have found his new home and to have made new friends..