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Gallop Racer 2001

Download Gallop Racer 2001 ROM for Playstation 2. The Gallop Racer 2001 game can be played on Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux using PS2 emulator.

Gallop Racer 2001 for Playstation 2
ROM Information
Name: Gallop Racer 2001
Size 352.1M
Console Get Playstation 2
Category PS2

Gallop Racer 2001 is a racing game for the PlayStation 2. The player controls a horse and tries to win races by outrunning the other horses. The game has a number of different modes, including a championship mode where the player tries to win the most races.

Table of Contents

Gallop Racer 2001 for PS2

The game begins with the player controlling a young horse named Gallop Racer as he races around a track. The player must avoid obstacles and other racers while trying to reach the finish line first. The game is played in a series of races, with the player progressing through the levels by winning races. As the player progresses, they are able to unlock new horses and tracks..