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Wild Wild Racing

Download Wild Wild Racing ROM for Playstation 2. The Wild Wild Racing game can be played on Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux using PS2 emulator.

Wild Wild Racing for Playstation 2
ROM Information
Name: Wild Wild Racing
Size 301.9M
Console Get Playstation 2
Category PS2

The game is set in the year 2020 and the world is a very different place. The economy is in shambles and there is a lot of crime. The only way to make money is to race in the wild, wild racing game. You can race in a variety of different locations, including city streets, highways, and even the rainforest. The game is very challenging and you will need to be quick on your feet if you want to win.

Table of Contents

Wild Wild Racing for PS2

The year is 20XX and the world is on the brink of an all-out race to find the ultimate energy source. The only way to win is to race to the finish line first. In Wild Wild Racing, you play as one of the world’s top drivers in a race to the top of the mountain. You’ll have to use your skills and speed to navigate your way through the treacherous terrain and beat your opponents to the prize..