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Zool no Yume Bouken

Download Zool no Yume Bouken ROM for Sega Gamegear. The Zool no Yume Bouken game can be played on Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux using Gamegear emulator.

Zool no Yume Bouken for Sega Gamegear
ROM Information
Name: Zool no Yume Bouken
Size 0.13 MB
Console Get Sega Gamegear
Category Gamegear

The game Zool no Yume Bouken (Zoo Dream Adventure) is a platform game for the Game Gear console. The player controls a character named Tatsuya as he tries to save the animals at the zoo from a group of villains. The game is divided into six levels, each with a different set of obstacles and enemies. The player can jump, run, and swim to avoid obstacles and enemies. The game also features a password feature so that players can continue playing even if their Game Gear battery dies.

Zool no Yume Bouken for Gamegear

Zool no Yume Bouken for Sega Gamegear

The game begins with the protagonist, a young boy, waking up in a hospital. He has no recollection of what happened before he woke up, but he knows he’s not alone. He sees a girl next to him, and she’s also in a coma. The protagonist begins to remember the events of the game, and he realizes that he was in a Zool no Yume Bouken game. He and the girl were playing the game together, and then something happened that caused them to fall into comas. The protagonist begins to explore the hospital, looking for clues as to what happened to the girl. He eventually finds a note from her that says she’s sorry and that she’ll always love him. The protagonist is heartbroken, but he knows he has to keep going. He eventually finds another player in the hospital, and they team up to find the girl. They eventually find her, but she’s in a coma and will likely never wake up. The protagonist is heartbroken, but he knows he has to keep going. The game ends with the protagonist and the other player leaving the hospital and going their separate ways. The protagonist knows he’ll never forget the girl he loved in the game, and he’ll.