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Penguin Adventure

Download Penguin Adventure ROM for Sega Master. The Penguin Adventure game can be played on Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux using Sega Master emulator.

Penguin Adventure for Sega Master
ROM Information
Name: Penguin Adventure
Size 0.08 MB
Console Get Sega Master
Category Sega Master

_system Penguin Adventure is a side-scrolling platform game for the Sega Master System. It was developed by British studio Firebird and published by Sega in 1986. The game is set in the fictional world of Puffin Island, and follows the story of two penguins, Buddy and Sandy, as they attempt to save the island from an evil snowman named Mr. Frosty.

Penguin Adventure for Sega Master

Penguin Adventure for Sega Master

_system The Penguin Adventure is a game for the Sega Master System. It was developed by Aladdin and published by Sega. The game is a side-scrolling platformer, in which the player controls a penguin named Wally as he navigates through various levels. Wally is a small, waddling penguin who is trying to save his family from a group of pirates who have captured them. The game consists of a series of levels, in which Wally must navigate his way through obstacles and enemies to reach the end. Along the way, Wally can collect coins and other items that will help him in his quest. The game is relatively simple, but it is fun and addictive. It is perfect for those times when you want to take a break from more complex games, but still want to have some fun..