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RoboCop 3

Download RoboCop 3 ROM for Sega Master. The RoboCop 3 game can be played on Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux using Sega Master emulator.

RoboCop 3 for Sega Master
ROM Information
Name: RoboCop 3
Size 0.13 MB
Console Get Sega Master
Category Sega Master

_system In RoboCop 3, you play as Alex Murphy, the cop who was turned into a cyborg after being shot by the corrupt mayor. You must use your skills as a cop to take down the mayor and his cronies, and restore order to the city. RoboCop 3 features a variety of weapons and gadgets at your disposal, as well as a variety of levels to explore.

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RoboCop 3 for Sega Master

RoboCop 3 for Sega Master

In RoboCop 3, the evil OmniCorp has created a new line of cyborg police officers called the ED-209s. The only way to stop them is to find the ED-209s and destroy them. You play as RoboCop, and your goal is to track down the ED-209s and destroy them. Along the way, you’ll face off against powerful enemies, and you’ll need to use your skills and firepower to survive. This is a challenging game, and you’ll need to be careful not to get killed. But if you can survive, you’ll be able to stop OmniCorp and save the city..