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Download Strider ROM for Sega Master. The Strider game can be played on Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux using Sega Master emulator.

Strider for Sega Master
ROM Information
Name: Strider
Size 0.03 MB
Console Get Sega Master
Category Sega Master

_system The Strider game for the Sega Master System is a classic side-scrolling action game. The player controls Strider Hiryu, a ninja who must travel through a series of levels to rescue the princess from the evil Dr. Wily. The levels are filled with obstacles and enemies, and the player must use Strider’s skills and weapons to defeat them. The game features a variety of different enemies and weapons, and the player can upgrade Strider’s abilities as they progress.

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Strider for Sega Master

Strider for Sega Master

_system The game Strider takes place in a future world where a powerful organization known as the Foot have enslaved the world’s population. The player controls Strider Hiryu, a young man who is skilled in the art of ninjutsu and has sworn to liberate the world from the Foot. The game begins with Strider Hiryu infiltrating the Foot’s headquarters in order to destroy their main machine. However, he is soon captured by the organization and thrown into a prison cell. He is then rescued by a group of rebels led by Lady J.B. Pepper, who helps him escape the Foot’s stronghold. Strider then sets out to find the other members of the rebellion and defeat the Foot. He eventually joins forces with Lady J.B. Pepper and her team of rebels, and together they fight against the Foot and liberate the world from their tyranny..