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Super Star Soldier

Download Super Star Soldier ROM for TurboGrafx 16. The Super Star Soldier game can be played on Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux using TurboGrafx 16 emulator.

Super Star Soldier for TurboGrafx 16
ROM Information
Name: Super Star Soldier
Size 0.27 MB
Console Get TurboGrafx 16
Category TurboGrafx 16

Super Star Soldier is a side-scrolling shooter game for the Turbografx-16. The player controls a soldier as he battles through enemy territory in an effort to save the world from an alien threat. The game features a variety of weapons and enemies, as well as a variety of levels to complete.

Super Star Soldier for TurboGrafx 16

Super Star Soldier for TurboGrafx 16

The game begins with the evil alien race known as the Zonks invading Earth. The only thing standing in their way is the Super Star Soldier, a powerful soldier created by the human race to stop the Zonks. The Super Star Soldier must travel through different worlds and fight against the Zonks to save Earth..