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Tower of Druaga, The

Download Tower of Druaga, The ROM for TurboGrafx 16. The Tower of Druaga, The game can be played on Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux using TurboGrafx 16 emulator.

Tower of Druaga, The for TurboGrafx 16
ROM Information
Name: Tower of Druaga, The
Size 0.26 MB
Console Get TurboGrafx 16
Category TurboGrafx 16

Tower of Druaga is an action role-playing video game for the TurboGrafx-16 console. It was developed by Tokuro Fujiwara and published by NEC Home Electronics in Japan in 1987, and by Atlus in North America in 1988. The game is set in the world of Druaga, a magical land where the player controls a party of four adventurers in order to save the world from an evil sorcerer. The player can explore the game’s overworld, battle enemies, and complete quests to progress. The game features a unique battle system in which the player uses magic to attack enemies, and can also use items to support their party members in battle.

Tower of Druaga, The for TurboGrafx 16

Tower of Druaga, The for TurboGrafx 16

In the land of Druaga, the evil god Yggdrasil has been growing larger and larger. The people of Druaga have been trying to find a way to stop Yggdrasil for years, but they have been unsuccessful. One day, a young man named Randi travels to Druaga to find the truth about Yggdrasil. Randi meets a woman named Druaga, who tells him that he needs to find the three jewels of Druaga to stop Yggdrasil. Randi travels to different parts of Druaga to find the jewels, but he is constantly thwarted by Yggdrasil’s minions. Eventually, Randi finds the jewels and defeats Yggdrasil..