Watara Supervision


Download Chimera ROM for Watara Supervision. The Chimera game can be played on Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux using Watara Supervision emulator.

Chimera for Watara Supervision
ROM Information
Name: Chimera
Size 0.02 MB
Console Get Watara Supervision
Category Watara Supervision

Chimera is a game for watara_supervision that challenges players to build and manage a thriving city while defending it from monsters. Players must strategically choose which buildings to construct, and assign workers to manage resources to keep the city running. As the city grows, players must also keep an eye on the monster population, and make sure they don’t become overrun.

Chimera for Watara Supervision

Chimera for Watara Supervision

Chimera is a game about a scientist who has to save the world from a deadly virus. The scientist must use their scientific knowledge to find a cure for the virus and stop it from spreading..