Watara Supervision

Honey Bee

Download Honey Bee ROM for Watara Supervision. The Honey Bee game can be played on Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux using Watara Supervision emulator.

Honey Bee for Watara Supervision
ROM Information
Name: Honey Bee
Size 0.03 MB
Console Get Watara Supervision
Category Watara Supervision

Honey Bee is a game for watara_supervision. In this game, you play as a honey bee trying to collect as many flowers as possible. You can move around the screen using the arrow keys, and you can also collect honey from the flowers. Be careful not to get hit by the bees, or you’ll lose the game.

Honey Bee for Watara Supervision

Honey Bee for Watara Supervision

The Honey Bee game is a story about a young honey bee named Honey who is trying to save her colony from being destroyed. The colony is being attacked by a swarm of wasps, and Honey is the only one who can save them. She must use her flying skills to avoid the wasps and collect the pollen that they are leaving behind. Honey must also collect nectar from the flowers to help her colony survive..