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Super Pang

Download Super Pang ROM for Watara Supervision. The Super Pang game can be played on Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux using Watara Supervision emulator.

Super Pang for Watara Supervision
ROM Information
Name: Super Pang
Size 0.03 MB
Console Get Watara Supervision
Category Watara Supervision

Super Pang is a fast-paced arcade game for two players. The goal is to shoot as many balls as possible into the opponent’s goal. The game is played on a square grid with a ball at the center. The player with the most balls in the goal at the end of the game wins.

Super Pang for Watara Supervision

Super Pang for Watara Supervision

The Super Pang game is a platform game that was developed by Watara Supervision and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game is based on the Japanese manga and anime series Kinnikuman, and follows the adventures of Kinnikuman as he battles against evil villains. The game was released in Japan in 1988, and was later released in North America in 1990. The game was met with mixed reviews, with some reviewers praising the graphics and sound, while others criticized the gameplay and difficulty..